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Life of the Whitchurch Bollard

There are around 40 black bollards throughout Whitchurch, looking forlorn, with dark and gloomy expressions, not a smile to be seen, not a glimmer of colour as they stand lifeless.

They can be found along the front of the Town Hall, around the Square, up and down alleyways, near road crossings, in the car parks - they can appear anywhere.

They are devoid of colour; lacking character; lifeless black poles just waiting and hoping for some loving care and some excitement in their drab miserable lives.

What can they look forward to?

If lucky maybe a notice attached about a local car boot sale, a bicycle chained up, or in winter a lost glove placed on their head. At least then they may be warm - and have some protection from pigeons.

For the unluckiest they may be a dump for well-used chewing gum, have a late night naked reveller attached by ropes or suffer a dog doing what dogs do. And that's only if they haven't already been knocked down by the number 76 bus.

Life can be very very hard as a Whitchurch bollard. Have some pity on them.

These fine upstanding pillars of our community deserve better.




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This site has been produced in support of the Whitchurch Bollards Project - a Community Art scheme designed to enhance the small Town of Whitchurch, Hampshire.
All content is and published by J Buckley 2009/10

The support of Whitchurch Arts in this project is very much appreciated.
The assistance of Andrew Reeves-Hall is gratefully acknowledged in provision of hosting space.

The project is funded by the South East England Development Agency:








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